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This Australian brand is changing up the skincare game.

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This Australian brand is changing up the skincare game.

June 15
17:13 2021

Eggee Co was founded on the basis of making skincare routine as simple as possible and without the need of dozens of different products. They recently launched their sonic facial cleansing device, naming it the “Eggee” ($99.00). Eggee’s sonic cleansing skin care method uses new technology that involves silicon bristles oscillating against the skin at sonic speed. These tiny bristles loosen dirt and oil from the surface of the skin, allowing for a deeper cleanse. Unlike other skincare methods, the gentle silicone bristles on the sonic cleansing brush lift dirt, oils and impurities from below the skin’s surface without causing irritation or damage.

As important as cleansers and exfoliants are, they can only do so much, especially if one is just using their hands or a washcloth. This clever little device helps you clean your skin to a degree that was previously thought to be impossible. Skin will thank! As it helps lift impurities from skin and any left over makeup residue, it also helps current skincare products work even more effectively! It will allow serums and cleansers to absorb deeper into the skin, leaving with glowier and more vibrant skin.

All in all, the Eggee is helping real people achieve real results with their skincare routine. It’s super simple to use and is rather cheap if you take the alternatives into consideration. Eggee Co have also partnered with the One Tree Planted Organisation to plant a tree with every purchase, because there’s nothing better than a device that helps keep both the skin and the planet breathing.

Some of the testimonials are as mentioned:

“It has given me a deeper cleanse than I’ve ever previously experienced!” says Jessica, which sounds pretty amazing to us. She continues, “It has definitely helped clear up my acne as well, it really helps take away any dirts and oils from throughout the day!” 

For moe information, visit: www.eggee.com

Media Contact
Company Name: Eggee Co
Contact Person: Caleb O’Dea
Email: Send Email
Phone: +61411415767
Address:88A Main Street
City: Beverley
Country: Australia
Website: www.eggeeco.com

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